DLE Design inc.

About Us -

Our company started out in the late 80's as Sound Engineering Concepts (SEC) in Southern California.  We specialized in affordable high end audio equipment that included AMC,  ATI,  Eminent Technologies, Fried, Grado, Kimber Kable, Magnum Dynalab, Peterson Cables, Proac, Sonographe, SOTA, Sumiko, Sumo, Systemdek, VMPS, and more.

We incorporated in 2004 as DLE Design inc. and expanded our services to provide engineering consulting services,  technical training, and instructional system design.

Today's audio market is changing and so are we!

Our 2023 business plan focuses on expanding our product line to include more affordable designs with extremely gratifying sound quality.  Today's latest digital technology, software, and fresh "out of the box" design ideas makes this all possible.  

We are proud to offer products by Acoustic Zen, Analysis Plus, AudioQuest, Bryston, Furutech, Golden Ear Technologies,  Oyaide, Power Modules, Puritain Audio Labs, Stillpoints,  and more.  These outstanding brands provide outstanding price/performance ratios in their respective price ranges.

We invite you to visit each of these company's websites to appreciate what the reviewers and clients say about these outstanding products.

Reference Room

We recently renovated & expanded our reference room.  Due to the improved acoustics and latest equipment updates, our current reference system sounds much more musically satisfying.  Our long time clients agree!

We will continue selling "by appointment only"  in the Southern California High Desert area (Apple Valley, CA).

Since the beginning, we only offer two channel (stereo only) audio products.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at (760) 646-0657 (Mobile).