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About Us

We are proud to offer products by Acoustic Zen, Analysis Plus, AudioQuest, Bryston, Furutech, Oyaide, Power Modules, Rega, Stillpoints,  and more.  These outstanding brands always provide world class "best of the best"  price /performance ratios in their respective price ranges.


Bryston is one of the finest examples to illustrate this.  Their 20 year warranty is the best in the industry!  Please visit Bryston's website and view the reviews section to see what the reviewers and clients are saying.

The new Bryston Cubed series amplifiers have some of the best specifications around especially with their latest patented input stage. The preliminary reviews have been extremely noteworthy. More reviews are in the works for 2018.

Bryston's new B-17 Cubed affordable state of the art preamplifier reviews are outstanding! Be sure to read the recent Stereophile review especially John Adkinson's summary in the measurement section.

Bryston's outstanding digital products, phenomenal performing loudspeakers, beautiful turntable system, and robust power conditioners, are arguably some of the best products available, bar none!  


Another "best of the best" example is Stillpoints products.  Stillpoints products transform systems to a much higher musical level. When Stillpoints products are outfitted in well balanced, premium audio systems, most listeners and reviewers agree these products are extremely high value.  These are truly outstanding products that will last a lifetime!

Acoustic Zen

Acoustic Zen transmission line based speakers, especially the Crescendo model, are truly connoisseur grade.  One must experience the bass from a properly executed transmission line design to experience the most natural sounding low frequencies. The Crescendo's planer magnetic tweeter is one of the smoothest, most natural sounding available.  The Crescendo's phase and impedance measurements are exemplary.

Acoustic Zen's new Absolute Copper series copper cables are some of the most musical sounding cables available. They, too, are truly connoisseur grade.

Analysis Plus

Analysis Plus cables have been our most successful cables ever!  The engineering behind their patented hollow oval design is remarkable.  The price range of their cables will accommodate audio systems of all price ranges. We love their cables!

Power Modules (Belles)

The latest Aria series products designed and manufactured by David Belles are truly overachievers. The Aria products are his finest sounding products ever.  The recent reviews agree there are incredible sounding and affordable too.


Rega has stood the test of time by continually designing and manufacturing quality turntable systems since 1973.  The Rega  engineering approach is like no other turntable company.  Arguably, their product line provides some of the most attractive prices with truly amazing sound quality.  The newly updated P8 model will be establishing new reference levels for 2019.  Stay turned for upcoming reviews soon.  


The bespoke products by Furutech are world class.  We are amazed how power receptacles, power connectors, interconnect connectors, and speaker connectors can affect the sound of a well tuned audio system.

Again, we invite you to visit each of these company's website to appreciate what the reviewers and clients say about all of these wonderful sounding products.

Reference Room

We recently renovated & expanded our reference room.  Due to the improved acoustics, our current reference system sounds much more natural.  Our long time clients and associates agree!

Today's audio market is changing and so are we.

Our 2019 business plan focuses on expanding our product line to include more  affordable designs with extremely gratifying sound quality.  Today's latest digital technology, software, and fresh "out of the box" design ideas makes this all possible.  

We will continue selling "by appointment only"  in the Southern California High Desert area (Apple Valley, CA).

In the Beginning

My audio sales experience began in the early 70's as the assistant manager at TEAM Electronics in Pueblo, Colorado.  I was very fortunate to experience and sell premium high end audio equipment that included  Altec Lansing speakers, Janszen  electrostatic speakers, Phillips turntables, Revox  tape machines, SAE electronics, TEAC tape machines, Thornes turntables, and many of the popular Japanese electronic equipment brands.   I worked part-time at TEAM Electronics to help pay my way through college and to buy my first serious audio system.  

Our company started out in the late 80's as Sound Engineering Concepts (SEC). We specialized in affordable high end audio equipment that included ATI, Eminent Technologies, Fried, Grado, Kimber Kable, Magnum Dynalab, Proac, Sumo, VMPS, and more. We incorporated in 2004 as DLE Design inc. to provide engineering design services and sales.

Since the beginning, we only offer two channel (stereo only) audio products.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at (760) 646-0657 (Mobile).